My Story

Hi, I'm Christina, a London based baby and children’s gift expert and the founder of myGiulia. My mission is to reinvent the gift experience by offering inspiration, guidance and unparalleled service. I want to put the joy back into gifting by helping people make better and more thoughtful choices. Choosing the perfect baby and children’s gift takes a lot of time but not when you have me on your side! Now to the slightly longer story...

What makes me an expert?

Living in the can-do culture of entrepreneurship that is Silicon Valley, I began to research the needs and psychology of gifting. I joined Stanford’s (a hub for innovation and creativity) in 2016 and became a human-centred design consultant. I wanted to learn how I could turn my skills and passion into a service that could help others. From this extensive research and learning period, I gained the skills and knowledge needed to be able to introduce myself as a gifting expert. In 2017 after a relocation to London, I launched myGiulia and established myself as the go-to baby and children’s gifting expert… exciting times.

My philosophy & values

With myGiulia, my goal is to give you the best customer experience every single time, because this is what I would expect as a customer myself. I believe in creativity, relationships and social intelligence, and try to convey this through the products I choose for you. The presents are mostly locally designed or produced and I try to support new brands and startups. Eco-friendly and sustainable businesses are always at the forefront of my mind because we all want our kids to live in a better place, don’t we? I am that overly organised friend and I get extremely excited about practical, timeless things that are beautifully designed… and sharing them with you!

Great gifting isn't easy!

The idea for myGiulia first started in 2015 alongside a move to Silicon Valley. As a lifelong lover of thoughtful gifting and beautiful presentation, one of life’s simple yet meaningful experiences, I was constantly being asked for gifting advice. I started to talk to people about their emotions and experiences with giving and receiving presents. With every conversation, it became clearer to me that nobody really found it an easy or enjoyable process. Think about the last time you had to buy a gift. How long did it take you to come up with an idea, source it and wrap it? Did you enjoy it and were you confident? How many times have you bought something over budget just because you were running out of time?

The heart of myGiulia

Giulia isn’t a misspelling, it’s the Italian version of Julia, my grandmother’s name. It is from my grandmother whom I inherited empathy, generosity, style, curiosity and a desire to help people buy better gifts. It is from her I learnt the joy a thoughtful gift brings, both to the person that gives the gift and the person who receives it. This joy is at the very heart of myGiulia.

I’m passionate about people

I was raised in Austria, a beautiful country where children are surrounded by music and art. This cultural appreciation for creativity had a huge impact on my own childhood and worldview. Moving to Vienna for university, I earned a degree in International Business and learnt about the importance of visual communication and the power of storytelling. Through creative positions I held at L’Oréal, and Vereinigte Bühnen Wien (a musical production company) I realised that creating experiences for others had become both a passion and my professional expertise of mine.

A few of my favourite things

I love life, I am passionate about people and striving to make them happier.

  • My favourite colour: all shades of blue.
  • My preferred drink: a cold strong espresso.
  • My no.1 place: museums and galleries.
  • Best gift ever received: the one that surprises me.
  • And don’t forget to check out my blog UNWRAPPED where I love to share my gift expertise, top tips and inspirations.

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