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Good things are going to happen

HNY! I am fascinated how each and every one of us needs to review the past, reorganize and then look forward to planning the future. Here some business inspiration for you.

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A mindful Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful time of year, a time to share with others. Gifts, laughter, time for conversations. I like to slow down and think about the year that has passed...

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Christmas Gift Wrapping

I often get the question “How can I make my gift wrapping more fun and standout?” Here are some tipps.

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Sparkling little eyes

No matter if you are Granddad, god mother, step sister or a babysitter you will want to surprise, delight and fill those hands with fun. Need help with any Xmas kids gift ideas?

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Alternative Xmas gift ideas

With December fast approaching I have been thinking about some of the giftees you may have on your list and how you can make their Xmas gifts a bit more special this season.

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Christmas Planning

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas...Well nearly, it’s only a mere 6 weeks away! What do you do to get prepared for the festive season?

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Love Celebration

I was recently thinking about how important anniversary gifts can be, the need to show someone how important they are to you and how well you know them.

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The gift expert

This gift blog is where I can impart my gifting expertise. I want you to read inspiring thoughts around gifting and to fill you with ideas for thoughtful gifts for any occasion.


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One of the reasons I love my business is that I really enjoy looking for and finding new and upcoming brands and products that I can turn into unique gifts for my clients.

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