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I was recently thinking about how important anniversary gifts can be, the need to show someone how important they are to you and how well you know them.

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I recently had an enquiry from a man who was stuck with what to buy his wife of 14 years. He had bought all the traditional things a husband could buy and had decided he wanted to delight her with a surprise that would leave her in awe of him.

I suggested to think about what gesture would make his partner surprised or feel super special. Do something for her that she hates doing but has to. Or maybe she has a super boring hobby, embrace it with her and show an unexpected interest. These little things are thoughtful components which your relationship would have initially been built upon but later we become complacent about. Indulge each other and remind your other half how well you know her.

“Because of you, I laugh a little harder, cry a lot less, and smile a lot more”

I like to take the day or maybe a whole week, an opportunity to make my partner feel appreciated as we often take our partners for granted. My most memorable was spending my wedding anniversary having a surfing lesson. This fun day with a pinch of adventure is something that reminded me of days we had before kids and a well organized family life!

Another option is to keep it fun and lighthearted. I truly believe that laughing together is one of the most important secrets to a happy marriage. You could reflect this in the gifts you buy, don’t take it too seriously:

  • Select matching things – a pair of slippers or pajamas
  • Buy something only the two of you will enjoy. I love these matching water jugs MR & MRS
  • Choose a novel you both want to read, rather than waiting for one or the other to finish, buy two copies and spend the evenings reading together.

Enjoy each other and be grateful to have this person in your life that others might not ever find!

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Yours Giulia

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