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This blog is about getting ready for a new start, for celebrating our little learners. This means back to school - now is their big opportunity to learn about the world and all the things that will help them to achieve along the way.

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For us as parents, we experience the mixed feelings of excitement and worry as we see our kids getting more independent. With the symbolic moment of the first day of school, they are showing us how much they have grown since the previous year.

We need to get back into routine.

After a long warm summer of fun with family and friends – my girls being up until 10pm every night, sleeping in every morning and then spending all day doing whatever they want, it almost feels like a new era begins…

I know I revel in planning and organising myself and my family and after a well earned break, it’s time to get back to the day to day and get the kids back to school. For me it is not only getting my children ready for the first day of school, by getting school supplies, new clothes (uniforms) or preparing their rooms ready for homework, reading and relaxing. Besides the many things you need to focus on – “Have you ordered your name tags and ironed them in? Do the shoes fit?” – there are a few other things I like to concentrate on during this period:

I start by taking the opportunity to clean up the kids room, almost like a Spring clean for the school year. We go through books and toys and we decide what to give away and donate to other children. This is precious time, talking to my children about what they have, what we take for granted (including education!) and that there are many children who are not as privileged.

  1. The Childrenstrust 
  2. FARA Charity
  3. Shine Trust 

I enjoy filling up our arts & crafts supplies, with new crayons and markers. I take the time to go through the pencils that need to be sharpened or pens to be thrown away thrown away ( ) So once the weather gets colder the kids can get creative and I know we are well prepared. Investing in a chalkboard or even chalkboard wallpaper is something I can highly recommend, especially for the ones that are beginning to read & write to make it fun for them.

  1. Colouring Pens
  2. Chalk Board wallpaper
  3. Activity Book
  4. Book: The day the crayons quit
  5. Fun Print Drawing Book
Back to school gift ideas.

I love treating my kids, as well as my nephews and god children with nice little surprises to make them feel back to school is special, unique and in some ways an exciting moment to enjoy. Making them curious about what they have to come and feeling that education is something special is really important in my opinion. Find some ideas in my Pinterest board:

It doesn’t matter what age they are, if it is their first day ever, they are starting at secondary school or maybe there you have a loved one who is fully grown but going back to do a phd… school is important as education keeps us being curious, mindful and engaged.

“The future of the world is in our classrooms today.”

Yours Giulia

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