How to become a better gift giver?

Listening to other people speaking about how they take on the gifting task inspires me and brings delight into what I do. I was lucky to talk to four gift lovers, people who enjoy gift giving and are known to be exceptionally thoughtful.

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Through my intense research about gift giving these past years I learned that there are three categories of gift givers: the gift lover, the gift giver and the gift denier. In my experience, everybody has something to say about presents no matter which category they fall into. I revel in hearing about the gifting experiences of others because this is the only way I can learn about and focus on real people’s needs. Ultimately, I want to create a gift service that is useful and truly appreciated.

Thank you Rae FeatherKate GuinnessLaura Fantacci, and Antony Hawman for sharing some of your gift giving secrets with me.

photo (left to right): Rea Feather | Kate Guinness | Laura Fantacci | Anthony Hawman

How do you get inspiration for the presents you buy?

Rae: Someone once told me that giving a present should always hurt a little because what you give is something you’d have been happy to hold on to yourself.

Antony: I feel you should always give people gifts that give someone a little bit of luxury rather than a functional item. Something they wouldn’t buy for themselves, but would love it and use it all the same. I’ll go to various websites as I don’t have time to go physical shopping. Thank god for eCommerce.

Laura: The benchmark is always would I like this for myself or if I’m buying for a little one, it’s either would the mummy like this or I try to remember what it was like being a child and try to buy something they would actually like to play with.

Do you remember how you felt on your birthday as a child, anticipating what you would receive?

Kate: Excitement but also a certain nervousness that it wouldn’t be the right thing!
I remember being particular surprised one year when a box for me under the Christmas tree started quacking!

Laura: Absolutely. The countdown would start weeks before and the excitement would last even days after. It would be like Christmas Day only with all the attention on me.

What do you do when you realise you have a gift to buy and less than a week before it needs to be with the giftee?

Laura: I usually buy them something that they wouldn’t buy for themselves, one of those little life luxuries. I love the idea that the person receiving it can enjoy some ‘me’ or ‘down’ time. A book is always appreciated, as is a little piece of jewellery. I designed a small collection for Otiumberg and I love the idea of giving something that I’ve created.

Antony: I’ll look for something tailored to the recipient that I can get delivered straight to them, but so many companies don’t do gift cards/wrap, which is annoying, as you want it to look as ‘gifty’ as possible.

Rea: I go into the Rae Feather storeroom and see if I can find something suitable. Very very naughty but my brand is perfect for gifting in that it really makes the gift so personal. To have something personalised just for you. Is very special.

Out of your experience, do you have a personal all-time gift tip you want to share that might inspire other people?

Antony: Functional gifts can be dull. Get something that they wouldn’t buy for themselves, but will love all the same. Experiences are also great. There’s nothing better than making memories.

Rea: I think the best tip is to perhaps give something that reminds them of you. Something useful or something with meaning.”

Kate: Think about the person you’re buying for, but always buy something you’d like to receive yourself

Laura: I think the wrapping is just as important as the gift. Gifting is a moment, so giving thought to your paper, box, ribbon, card, is just as relevant


So, Gift Lover, Gift Giver, Gift Denier, which one are you?

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