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HNY! I am fascinated how each and every one of us needs to review the past, reorganize and then look forward to planning the future. Here some business inspiration for you.

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Instagram is exploding with hashtags like #decluttering #homeorganisation #minddetox these days. These are used to refer to life, work and the home, from clearing out kitchen drawers to wardrobe management advice (I know someone great who can do this if you are looking?!) and having a fresh, empty and revived brain.

If I am truly honest with you, I am always thankful to get to this point every 365 days. I take some time to think about my achievements, my weaknesses, my to dos and my no gos. The path to success each year depends on reflection, strategies and action, using learnings to build and grow. My business will be a large focus this year. After the crazy mad time that was Christmas in a gifting business, first I needed to find order in my office:

  • Stylish storage bins – for many different gift wrap items
  • Cork or magnetic board along with many post it notes
  • Plants to bring life and tranquility
  • Wall art, photos, quotes – for inspiration
  • See more ideas on my Pinterest Board

I am lucky to have a fulfilling, if busy, life with myGiulia, home and two children. I also like to focus on my friends and my health but I am a realist and I know that I can’t do it all no matter how much we are told that we can. Working mothers (and fathers) have many elements of life to organize and it can feel like a constant tug of one task to the next. This year I have promised myself that I need to spend some time slowing down and to stop rushing through life – with the goal to not squeeze everything into one day. This habit made me feel guilty and chased last year. I truly believe that everyone needs to organize the mind to help make us feel more empowered. There are some great books out there to help us

  • “Pick Three: You Can Have It All (Just Not Every Day)” by Randi Zuckerberg – a how to and self help on how to have a well balanced life, she has some great points!
  • “Thrive” by Arianna Huffington – she will help you to create a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder
  • My all time favourite: “I know how she does it” by Laura Vanderkam – hands on tips and schedules from real women who reorganized their lives

For the ones of you who can’t get enough inspirational quotes, like me, here are the ones I like best at the moment:

Find my favourite quotes on Pinterest.

Yours Giulia

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