Christmas Gift Wrapping

I often get the question “How can I make my gift wrapping more fun and standout?” Here are some tipps.

Celebration Inspiration Wrapping

When thinking about Christmas I initially plan my colour scheme (this year I am opting for green). Once I know what colour will look good under our tree, I then decide on possible paper colours and in addition something to compliment that. And of course I always choose a wrap for the kids that is more fun that all my stocking gifts from Father Christmas can be wrapped in. Here are my essentials that give gifts a little something:

  • Choice of ribbon (wire, velvet, glitter etc. traditional red),
  • Using uncommon material (newspaper, fabric, craft paper, brown paper),
  • Using colourful tape, markers or paint
  • Tying a little surprise to the gift (small decoration to be reused the next year, sweet treat)

GIFT EXPERT TIP: Don’t wrap all gifts in the same wrap, keep it varied. Mixing and matching 2-3 different papers, ribbons and accessories, makes it more fun. But remember, if you stick to a colour scheme you’ll find it much easier to create a beautiful Christmas gift wrap.


All green Xmas gift wrap from my Pinterest board


Stylish and neutral Xmas gift wrap from my Pinterest board


Good luck and you can always check out my Pinterest board for rolls more of inspiration, get it!
If you prefer your gifts being wrapped, order them with me before December 18th and I’ll make sure they look exceptional!

Ho ho ho!

right image copyright: VVRouleaux

Yours Giulia

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