Christmas Planning

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas...Well nearly, it’s only a mere 6 weeks away! What do you do to get prepared for the festive season?

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I like to put a date in early November into my calendar that says “Think about Christmas!”
So I sat down half a day this weekend to get myself into the mood of Christmas, anticipating all things needed to make this season stressless and joyful. I sat down with a cup of tea and a cosy cardigan…

First thing are the Christmas cards.

I love to order them online at or as I enjoy printing a long update about the highlights for my family from the past year. I think this is a great way to keep up to date with people who you may only get in touch with a few times a year, so make it count!

Next up is a list of things to buy.

I tend to forget to think about host gifts for the friends & family we’ll be visiting over the holiday season, but I know how much they all love getting a little treat!

While I am working on my “to-buy list”, I have the children write a letter to father Xmas, what will they ask for? This helps me to plan and also get them ready and into the Christmas spirit. My girls get overly excited about this. To make it super special this year, I ordered some cute stationary for letters to Santa.

Advent calendar

I have an advent calendar which needs to be filled with treats… It makes sense to think early about what will be needed so that I don’t go on a last minute hunt! Here some ideas to leave out the chocolate:

  • Each day one piece of Lego
  • Art & Craft: glitter, stickers, stars
  • For the more creatives between you find a topic that inspires you: e.g. circus, horses, cars
Getting into Christmas mood

I have a box of books and films which are Christmas themed which I bring out of the cupboard on the 1st December, each year I buy a new one to add to the collection as the children grow. Our favourites are:

  • Home Alone
  • The Night Before Christmas
  • The Jolly Christmas Postman

I always like to make it special and plan some little surprises that stand out for my family & guests. Name places on the table, personal to each person, along with homemade crackers with a unique gift inside and a handwritten joke that you know that person will enjoy bring joy to our table at Christmas. Don’t forget to think about:

  • I enjoy creating decorations for the dining table, door or mantle in one colour theme.
  • I like to curate a meal planner for the holidays so I can place my food order in advance.

In order to get myself and my children into Christmas mood, I like to put aside an afternoon before December arrives for my children to sort through their toys, and select ones that they no longer play with that someone else can appreciate before they are spoilt with new toys. A good lesson to learn that this season is all about giving and not just receiving and something used to them could bring hours of happiness to someone else. I like THE TOY PROJECT

By the way, my gift service got a new look, check it out. If you need to send a Christmas gift to a child you can’t see on Christmas Day, send it with myGiulia and it will be as personal as if you did it by yourself!

Now last but not least, where will you get the tree from and when??

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Yours Giulia

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