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One of the reasons I love my business is that I really enjoy looking for and finding new and upcoming brands and products that I can turn into unique gifts for my clients.

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Simply put, customers want to buy from honest brands.

As the conscious consumer movement is growing, I know how important it has become to source brands who design smart products rather than mass produce. One third of UK consumers, for example, claim to be very concerned about issues regarding the origin of products. A Global Corporate Sustainability Report indicates that, globally, two thirds of consumers are willing to spend more on a sustainable product.

Having this said, it is incredible how many new conscious toy brands are popping up, parents who are not happy with the solutions that are offered on the market, who are starting new brands by getting creative and designing meaningful products that children will love. This enables us to shop with a solution to the things we really need and want.

Conscious kids gift ideas

And this is also what I believe great gifts should be like: smart, sustainable, interesting, high quality, eye-catching, useful – and all truly made for little hands. I am constantly sourcing new gifts and I would like to share with you some companies that I have recently discovered.

Some of my favourites are:

  1. Ailefo
  2. Tinyppl
  3. LeToyVan
  4. Raduga Grez
  5. Stitch & Story 

With two children, I already have to think about all the birthday parties coming up this school year, and I know how much waste this can create. So encourage everyone to think about what to buy twice and chose kids gifts that are better for our world, our kids’ world in the future. A lot of Eco toys also have the added bonus of being thoughtful, educational, and fun so I am already getting a gift list of favourite items together:

Don’t forget to order your eco friendly, and colourful silicone straws straws as you know, kids love a party!

If you are interested to read more about becoming an eco-friendly gifter? Go to my blog post future proof to read more.

Yours Giulia

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