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Our children are so important to us but our planet should be too. I thought about the top three eco friendly gifts for kids, my favourite eco friendly toy brands of the moment and how my business can turn us into more social gift givers.

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This ultimately highlights to me “How thoughtful am I being to our planet?”

As a parent I know how many parties and how much waste a children’s birthday can amount to. I can help you to buy the best eco friendly gifts for children, for the parents and for our world. Gifts need to have staying power so opt for quality over quantity. If you give better gifts your children will learn to be better gifts givers in the future. I choose gifts that encourage your imagination, a lot of eco toys are often more thoughtful, educational, and fun.

Top 3 conscious gifts to give

  1. Books – educational and fun. Books can’t usually be recycled with other paper because of the glue that’s used to bind them. Donate them to a charity shop, a library or a hospital. There are lovely books that explain how we should treat the environment and protect our planet.
  2. Bamboo Dinnerware – choose a more grown up design and it can last a few years
  3. Classic teddies or dolls – can be passed on to someone else

Great brands of eco friendly toys

  1. Ocamora – Wooden stacking toys
  2. Ostheimer Toys – endless creative imaginative play
  3. Petit Collage – Great for a second birthday

What about the wrapping?

Make sure you use recyclable cards and gift wrap, there are some great options:

  • Brown paper decorated with homemade potato stamps
  • Use reusable wrap – paper or fabric that is stylish too! This Star print wrap from Happy Wrap is unisex for kids and adults.
  • Tissue paper tied with ribbons, colourful and fun for children

For myGiulia I like to source brands which offer sustainable products or those that are committed to do good. I also aim to buy from UK or European based companies to reduce my carbon footprint. My desire is to be able to provide these unique gifts for you knowing that you are gifting in the best way.

Choose kids gifts that are better for our world, our world that will be theirs in the future.

copyright (right image): Ostheimer Toys


Yours Giulia

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