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From your first smile to the first time you ride your bike. Your father will be there by your side to help guide you through life’s challenges.

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My father has always been there for me. I am grateful every day for having such a great role model in my life. He has helped me to choose the best husband and father to my children by setting such an example as to how a great father should be. From the day he walked me down the aisle and handed me over to the new man in my life I knew I would still hold him in the highest regard as the person who could fix anything.

Now, more than ever fathers today play an even bigger part in their child’s lives, from making packed lunch to organising birthday parties and maybe even attending the occasional playdate. Dads are at home more and endeavour to make their days more flexible so they can spend more time being involved in the day to day, but how do you decide what the best gift is to show your gratitude for their evolving roles?

Mother’s Day is a big celebration, we receive huge acknowledgement for the role we play in bringing up our children, so I want to make sure my partner knows that he is equally appreciated for the challenges we experience alongside the joys of parenting today.

I am sure, like me you take the time to reward your father or the father of your children. Perhaps you opt for something thoughtful and handmade to add a personal meaning and if you want to go the extra way then let me provide you with some inspirational Father’s day gift ideas.

As the men in our lives change, embrace this by indulging them and help the modern day Dad to relax with some modern day beauty:

  • Sevin black soap and cool sponge for chic alternative skincare
  • Verso skincare, Scandinavian skincare famous for anti aging products for the older dad!
  • Finnish Linen bathrobe and slippers from Lapuan Kankurit

For new dad’s its a time to enjoy this day for the first time so make it special:

Time is priceless so choose something you can enjoy with your dad:

Choose something traditional for your own father:

Add a little bit of luxury for a vintage dad:

  • Not that you want to encourage him but old habits… A super stylish Dunhill lighter
  • Help him to smell superb with Tom Ford Cologne
  • Treat him to a Vintage shaving kit from the Modern Man

For more inspiration for Father’s day gifts click here

Of course if your dad is a sports fan then I am sure nothing would beat giving him the peace and quiet to enjoy the World Cup or for you to watch it with him, as the absolute best gift you could give is time together.

Yours Giulia

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