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I am excited to share with you some floral gifting insights from an expert, who has such a unique approach to blooms and plants.

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I am excited to share with you some floral gifting insights from an expert, who has such a unique approach to blooms and plants. Willow Crossley, a passionate floral & interior stylist, talked to me about giving flowers as gifts and where she finds her inspirations…

What is it that inspires you with flowers?
“Very simply, I just love their beauty. Their delicacy, their colours, the paper thin petals.
I love how no two are ever the same.”

Any thoughts on how to make flowers a more unique gift?
“I think arrangements that you’ve put together yourself are far more meaningful than a pre made bunch picked up in a shop. Plants are lovely to give as they last such a long time. Something like muscari or paperwhites at Christmas will go on flowering for weeks and weeks.”

What do you think is the best type of flower gift someone could give?
“An enormous bunch of locally grown, season flowers, arranged in a gorgeous vase.”

What is the most popular flower someone can choose?
“Everyone loves peonies. They ask for them all year round. And sweetpeas.”

Is there any advice you would give a person handing over flowers?
“Other than, just for it?! No, not really. People rarely give me flowers – I guess as they think I’ve always got them but I think there’s something so special about being given them. Even if they’re hideous – it’s the thought behind them.”

What is the best gift you have ever been bought?
“A black Chanel J12 watch from my husband. “

Flowers are great to give for many different occasions, reasons and just ‘because’! How can you give flowers in a more meaningful and thoughtful way? Perhaps the person you are buying for would appreciate being given their flowers alongside a stunning vase, something that will last long after the flowers have wilted.
Why not add a stylish pair of flower scissors to be kept in your kitchen drawer, so that the flowers can be maintained and kept looking fresh. For the ultimate thought in romance, include a love note for the giftee to find when she (or he) unwraps them. Or for something more fun and playful, why not create your very own origami bouquet, the time it will take to create something like this will add uniqueness and thoughtfulness.

Of course, you don’t have to just give actual flowers, there are many gifts you can give that are floral inspired. I have found some bloomingly beautiful ideas that I have pinned to share with you on Pinterest. Here are a couple of fresh floral finds…

Giulia’s favourite flower: how could Willow possibly guess? Peonies and wild smelling roses freshly cut from the rose bushes of my grandmother.

Copyright photo: Willow Crossley

Yours Giulia

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