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The art of gift giving makes me feel thoughtful but I keep asking myself “how thoughtful am I being to our planet? How can I become an eco-friendly gift giver?”

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Something I recently discovered is bamboo. It can be used to make so many things and is very on trend for design items. I find myself asking, what can’t be made from bamboo? Or as the ancient Asian saying goes: “A man is born in a bamboo cradle and goes away in a bamboo coffin. Everything in between is possible with bamboo!” Not only does bamboo grow everywhere, in all sizes, but it also grows fast. This made me curious as to what I could buy; from skateboards and drum kits, to homeware, clothing and beauty brushes, beer and sunglasses! It’s a truly amazing material! I challenge you to find something that you can’t make from bamboo…

There are many places to shop that offer an eco friendly product but also give something back. A great place to shop is Amour Vert they pledge that every T-shirt you buy with them they will plant a tree, there are many great sustainable gift options to choose; from accessories to baby and things for the home, but whatever you buy don’t forget to purchase that T(r)ee!

An eco friendly gift can be a gift in itself, your giftee will appreciate the inspiration and the thoughtfulness behind it, showing that you care not only about others but mother earth too. From beautifully handcrafted items lovingly created in fair trade projects, to gorgeous natural gift sets that pamper the body without harm to the environment, there are now so many options out there. Below are my top ethical picks that will make you feel great about giving and you can also get inspiration from my new Pinterest board.





To add that special ‘Green’ finishing touch you could wrap these gifts in fabric and tie with a ribbon; the Japanese art of Furoshiki, both are reusable and they can be so much prettier and unique than paper and sticky-tape.

Yours Giulia

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