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This gift blog is where I can impart my gifting expertise. I want you to read inspiring thoughts around gifting and to fill you with ideas for thoughtful gifts for any occasion.


I think I owe you an introduction about who I am and why I spend time writing this gifting blog.

So first of all, who is Giulia?

Giulia is not a misspelling it is the Italian version of Julia and pronounced like it. This was my grandmother’s name and it is from her that I have inherited, style, curiosity and generosity resulting in a creativity that has inspired me to help people like you buy better gifts.

I am a London based gift expert with a great love for detail. I am overly organized and I get extremely excited about practical, timeless things that are beautifully designed. I love life, I am passionate about people and striving to make them happier.

  • my favourite colour: all shades of blue.
  • my preferred drink: a cold strong espresso.
  • my no.1 place: museums and galleries.
  • best gift ever received: the one that surprises me
What I do.

Maybe you have forgotten about a birthday and my blog post may remind you, maybe you are attending a dinner party but have not yet bought a unique gift for the host, these are little things that can mean a lot to people. Blogging gives me the chance to share my knowledge that I gained while setting up my gift service.

myGiulia started when I realized that most people I know feel overwhelmed with gift giving. Two years ago, I started to talk to people about their emotions and experiences when it comes to giving and receiving gifts. With every conversation it became clearer to me that nobody is really organized to do this right. Think about the last time you had to buy a gift. How long did it take you to come up with an idea, source it and wrap it. Did you enjoy it and were you confident? How many times have you bought something over budget just because you were running out of time?

myGiulia’s gift service is easy.
  1. You ask for help using a gift finder form
  2. I curate a selection of three thoughtful gifts
  3. You select one gift to buy
  4. I wrap it and ship it for you(UK & EU)

My goal is to give you the best customer experience every single time, because this is what I would expect as a customer myself. I believe in creativity, relationships and social intelligence, and try to convey this through the products I choose for you. The gifts are mostly locally designed or produced and I try to support new brands and startups. Eco-friendly and sustainable businesses are always at the forefront of my mind because we all want our kids to live in a better place, don’t we?

If you are curious about myGiulia’s gift service check social media. Instagram and Facebook will give you a peek into my gift selections and what you can expect from my wrapping service. Pinterest will help to inspire you and fill you with fun ideas of your own too. If you have any questions you can of course email me (and it does actually come to me)

myGiulia is here to help you save time, money and headaches! Let me help you to start enjoying gift giving. Why not give it a try.

Yours Giulia

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