The art of gift wrapping

If you've ever given a gift, which most people have, you know that part of the fun is the anticipation and curiosity that builds as the giftee wonders what the gift is. If gifts weren't wrapped, much of the fun and surprise would be gone.

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Giving truly can be more rewarding than receiving. People who love to give gifts often can’t wait until it’s time for the recipient to open their gift.

The importance of gift wrapping

Research believes that the giftee will be more likely to like the gift they are about to receive if it has been wrapped. Is it the sense of anticipation around the wrapping, an extra thought from the gift giver or the time spent and the care put into making it look enticing?
I personally believe that first impressions are extremely important and wrapping should be considered as one of these. Some people choose a style that they always wrap with, brown paper and string, pastel paper and glitter or hand drawn illustrations, by showcasing one’s talent they can highlight what fantastic taste they have.

Where gift wrapping comes from.

The use of wrapping paper is first documented in ancient China, where paper was invented in 2nd century BC. Monetary gifts were wrapped with paper, creating an envelope called a chih pao, this was made from bamboo, rice straws and hemp they were then given by the court to government officials.
Upper-class Victorians regularly used elaborately decorated paper—along with ribbons and lace—to conceal gifts. However did you know that gift wrapping was primarily undertaken to highlight the wealth of the person giving the gift, even before it was unwrapped. Show offs!

Gift wrapping ideas and inspirations.

Sometimes the best wrapped presents showing style and flair can often be remembered long after the gift itself is forgotten or it can be part of the gift. I like tying some balloons on top of a 3 year old’s birthday present and adding confetti into the card’s envelope. I once hand painted a treasure box filled with treasures for a 4 year old’s birthday – she still uses that box now that she is almost 7. Take a look at my Pinterest board for more fun and stand out gift wrapping ideas:


Four images of different colourful gift wrappings

three images with gift wrapping in black and white


For those who get excited about super special wrapping paper like me, here are my favourites:

  • Artistically patterned paper that’s so good you’ll want to frame it!!! – Juniqe
  • Good for nature lovers – PaperTreeNook
  • So luxurious you won’t want to open your gift – Cox & Cox or Grey & Lily

But what if you want to stand out from the crowd or please with a style but are not be able to convey this yourself?  After all not everyone is gifted with the power to creatively wrap, or has the inclination to! That is why I wanted my Giulia’s gifts to be finished with stunning presentation. All gifts are hand wrapped with love and care, put into recyclable or reusable gift boxes.

It’s the thought that counts – but something fantastically wrapped makes a gift especially memorable.

Yours Giulia

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