Expect the Unexpected

You don’t have to be a gift expert to thank someone for welcoming you into their home or to make someone feel grateful for their visit, you just need to add a little thought.

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It is a common courtesy to bring a host or hostess a gift and something I always enjoy doing. Next time you attend a dinner party or spend the weekend at a friend’s house, show your appreciation with a unique gift.

Flowers are most commonly given by guests when attending a dinner party and something most people love to receive, however why not surprise your host and buy a portable herb garden. It can be used by your friend for cooking or for fresh peppermint tea as a refreshing after dinner treat. You could even be truly thoughtful and create your own! I love this.

Perhaps you would usually take along a bottle of fine wine? You can keep with the theme but instead buy a decanter for the host to use again and again, and they will always think of you each time they throw a party even if you are not there to join them! Or even collect your hosts favourite Cocktail ingredients to take along, you could even include the glasses and offer to make them when you arrive.

I often receive invitations to spend weekends away at a friend’s house, this is the perfect opportunity to be creative with your gift giving. I love to make my own bread or a cake to take with me, wrapped in a beautiful tea towel or ornate tin, to enjoy with my hosts. Perhaps you grow your own vegetables, which you could present in a vintage box along with a favourite recipe to sample.

Some other fun and individual ideas are:

  • After dinner game to play
  • Bouquet of colourful candles tied with a beautiful bow
  • Entertain the children with a make your own mask set

It’s always nice to receive a gift when welcoming people into your home, but wouldn’t it be special and truly unexpected if you gave your guests a gift? Create something bespoke and personalised, a handwritten note about something fun you have enjoyed together or perhaps a photo you know they would love. You can make this present useful too by using the envelope for the gift as a table place! An unanticipated way to give a gift which is memorable and exclusive!

Yours Giulia

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