A mindful Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful time of year, a time to share with others. Gifts, laughter, time for conversations. I like to slow down and think about the year that has passed...

Celebration Mindfulness

I am for sure not the only one who sometimes thinks that life passes us by so quickly. And then I believe we don’t often enough stop to think about those around us. How we communicate and how this affects our friends and family. This is basically what made me set up my gift expert service myGiulia this year. I want to support everyone who wants to show they truly care.

This last year.

Also a mindful Christmas is the perfect time to reflect upon what I have achieved trying to make myself accountable. For me personally, I had a very intense year. After moving back to Europe into a new city starting my first own business, between consulting jobs and my family, was a rather challenging adventure. But to see my vision becoming to life is something that gives me so much joy and motivation. I enjoyed each and every gift order I prepared this year. It is so important for me that care and consideration is taken for each and every gift enquiry so that you feel like I know the person I am buying for. Furthermore I am realizing that creating experiences for others, has become both a passion and my professional path.

Thank you.

I think this is also the perfect moment to say thank you to the most important people in my life who have supported me along this journey. At the forefront my husband, who believes in me and makes me think that I can achieve anything. My family who is giving me the support and motivation by just being proud of me and always being interested in what I do. My friends who helped with their expertise of all kind of different fields and the ones that have had to test and feedback all my prototypes and never gave me the feeling that I am annoying them. A big thank you to all the strangers I met who became wonderful work partners along the way, excellent professionals with great passion and personality. Last but not least to all my customers who have trusted me and have given me the chance to prove that my service can make a real difference.

Why we give gifts.

To give a gift is an expression of kindness, ingenuity and merriment, something that gets lost in this time of excess and overindulgence in the modern world. Gift giving is an act that can show that you are thankful and can elevate happiness and wellbeing so enjoy it however you choose. And if you don’t get it right this time then just say something nice or give a big hug and it will make a difference – AND next year you need to try my GIFT FINDER for sure!

Happy Christmas!

Yours Giulia

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