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I source gift ideas and create suggestions for the best presents and I like to make sure that each gift is not only right for you and the giftee but it is also the right thing to be buying for our world today.

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When it comes to buying for a child it should be simple. Customers ask for creative children’s gifts, luxurious gifts, for unisex gifts or educational gifts. My selection process is bespoke which makes it one of the most unique and therefore valuable parts of my gift service. I have extensive market knowledge and I continuously monitor which brands are entering the market and what is trending to make sure every one of my clients gets the most curated gift selection for their gift query. 

Expert gift curation

The myGiulia selection process checklist:

  • Best for baby | Best for parent | Best for the planet
  • Locality, I like to source products here in the UK or in Europe
  • Sustainability is key
  • I love brands, that are committed to doing good
  • High quality is imperative
  • Stylish designs
  • A brand that has a story to tell is always more of a draw than any other

There can be so many reasons why buying from a socially responsible brand is best and it’s something which I aim to achieve with each gift curation. As a result, I think our children will thank us in years to come and may even re-use some of the products we have bought. A new parent will always appreciate that you made a gift choice that helps the world to become a better place!

I’d like to share with you some lovely baby & children’s gift options that have a social purpose – feel good shopping that means you are doing good too.

Some of my recently discovered brands are.

  • bobochoses
  • finn & emma
  • cuddle & kind
Sustainable baby and kids gifts from Pinterest - myGiulia
Gift curation of sustainable baby and kids gifts from Pinterest – myGiulia

Save the Planet | Help children around the world | Responsible, organic and safe

You can look at my Pinterest board for more Eco gift inspiration for baby and for you. I’d be more than happy to curate you a bespoke selection  of sustainable presents for you. Try my gift finder today and buy better gifts!  

Yours Giulia

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