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To make every little face smile when they unwrap their gift, it is so important for me to keep on top of what is happening in the wonderful world of toys. I aim that each curation, for each child is the best choice possible.

Children Gift ideas Trends

Unicorn Gifts

In case you missed this but children are obsessed with Unicorns, a trend that has been ongoing for the past couple of years, and there is no denying that unicorn themed toys are more popular amongst girls than boys. The unicorn trend seems to be going nowhere so there are a great number of older girls gift options that fit into this category. I try to source unicorns that have some usefulness or highest quality.

Unicorn trend toys and personalised diary – myGiulia

Construction Gifts

A classic gift option for boys of all ages is building, from wooden blocks for those keen toddlers up to Matador for those more dexterous. There are so many cool, educational and fun construction gifts out there and it is one of my favourites to find as it can be so varied. These sorts of toys can encourage children to develop their visual  fine motor skills and creativity.

Magnetic building blocks and construction toy trend – myGiulia

The Circus

There are many great gifts for boys and girls that fit around more unisex gift trends. One that I myself love is the Circus. This is a great gift theme as there is so much to explore and the imagination can truly run wild, from make believe toys to games and tricks there really is something for everyone. Wild lions, fun clowns, dancers and colourful themes.

Circus themed gifts for children – myGiulia


I can’t not mention the trend of unboxing, the YouTube craze that children love, watching a gift being unwrapped. Of course that is why my gift wrapping is so key as this process, the experience and process of unwrapping the gift can be as important as the gift itself. I like to make sure my gift wrap has an element of fun including pom poms, confetti or ribbons to make it super special and appealing to the eye. Most children probably enjoy the unwrapping more than the gift itself 😉

Beautiful gift wrap and unboxing of toys – myGiulia gift wrap

Gifts by Age

It is so important to know what sort of toys are suitable for each age group as well as gender or interest. If you do not have children yourself you need to rely on an expert to help you to find the best gift for the child you are buying for. A great gift option is Dressing up, it’s something that is loved by all children. From an early age children are encouraged to explore stepping into an imaginary world and this is a trend that keeps on giving.

Like any other present, gifts for children need to be carefully chosen having the giftee in mind.

The fact that I am an independent gift curator helps me to always go for the best option not any option. I spend my time sourcing the best gift inspirations in toy fairs, reading blog posts and finding new brands while I peruse local boutiques and research the internet, Instagram, Pinterest and Co. Talking to children and their parents about what their likes and dislikes are when looking for or receiving that perfect gift is one of the key touch points of my gifting service, because without this feedback and info I would not find my clients the best gift selection.

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