Ready to go – How you get ready for travel

Leaving the city for a summer break, enthuses me with energy and organisation. It is part of the fun of going away, the anticipation and excitement of something new teamed with the unknown and the "what to pack’"...

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I am the sort of person who is passionate about packing, lists and after many years of experience living between countries I have a well formulated methodology to help me and my family get ready to go. I love packing in outfits, for myself and also for my kids. Yes, this does make things more complicated but results in great coordination.

Tipps when traveling with children

What gifts can you give to your little ones to make their travels more comfortable? I always think ahead and make sure everything is covered so there is no room for complaint.

  • a cuddly toy as a companion makes an excellent gift on board a long haul flight to sleep next to
  • a change of clothes could be something relevant to the trip like a cute print sun hat for the beach
  • if you are travelling with a new baby a mini gift set from a little find could be ideal to take with you
  • these bath toys from Plui can be used in the bath or by the pool and save space for that extra pair of shoes.
Travel inspirations

It is such a great time to bond with your children, you can spend more quality time with them, without distraction, not working, not cooking or tidying up (if you are lucky to be staying at a hotel) – You can spoil them and enjoy the fun things in life without begin in a rush; having ice cream, staying up late. Time is a gift, children grow so fast, in fact even in front of your eyes sometimes, scary but amazing! I like to take a disposable camera to shoot fun moments without the pressures of technology spoiling the surprise of the unknown, to look forward to once we return.

The outlook of arriving and being in a completely new and different environment is refreshing. A change of location gives me inspiration for work and brings new ways to look at things be it for myself, my home or my career. I always take a notebook from somewhere chic like Rifle Paper so I can jot down any ideas and thoughts and keep my mind free to relax. I am hoping that my next trip will bring some time for myself. I am planning to work-out, read and drink more water.

On my reading list this Summer is:
Travel gift ideas

Actually, a travel book for your partner or your children is a nice gift to prepare them for your upcoming trip. Inspire new adventures with things that encourage exploration. A travel journal, design inspired kids guidebooks from Leap & Hop and these cool travel kits from new company Zig Zag for the young jet set!

You can delight and surprise even with the most mundane task!

When I travel home to see my family & friends I like to bring things from London as gifts, things that you can only get here that make them unique and thoughtful. Like

  • Fortnum & Masons Tea
  • Liberty print everything
  • Red toy bus or black taxi car

If you are traveling for more than a week, don’t forget to plan any birthday cards or presents before you go. Giulia can help with this. I can delay sending your gift until you want it to go just get in touch to find out more.

And lastly don’t forget to put your out of office on…


Yours Giulia

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