How to find a unique kids birthday gift

Remember that magical feeling when you are a child. Make believe becomes real. When fairies and fireflies dance through the garden and hide tiny parcels wrapped up with sprinkles and sugar coated treats.

Celebration Children Gift ideas

I once wrote a story about a magic box and a fairy and the things she was hiding there. These were small gifts for the child to take care of: a wand, “magic” pencils and a flower crown, a kids birthday gift with a story that makes it more meaningful and thoughtful.

Take yourself back to the gifts you wanted and why you wanted them, things that would bring you months of enjoyment where you played in your imaginary world full of unreality and illusion.

Imagine the look on their faces when they open your gift and find it to be the most exciting thing they could ever have. I want to help you to bring that joy by choosing the perfect present.

Give the gift of something that needs to be discovered.
  • Maileg Mouse, a surprise in a matchbox.
  • A musical jewelery box
Give something unreal that will inspire imagination
  • An animal that is so large it is almost lifelike
  • A build our own circus
Kids’ unique gift wrapping ideas

I love to make the gift wrapping part of the present, as well as looking stylish, unique and almost too good to unwrap. Untying beautiful ribbons to be showered in confetti adds an added element of surprise.

  • Add pom poms and lollipops.
  • Stick a car to the front and draw a road across brown paper.
  • Make the gift carry the gift.
  • Draw an animal face and stick on ears to bring the present alive.
Unique kids birthday gifts

You want to buy your zany godson or princess of a niece a super amazing and standout gift, something they don’t already have, something they will appreciate, that will be a truly thoughtful gift. You want to find a unique birthday gift that none of their friends may have, this will bring excitement to their parents too and satisfaction for the gift giver.

These great draw on gifts add the element of naughtiness! (and save your walls!)

Conscious kids gifts.

Unwanted gifts are a common occurrence and are often made from plastic, this careless attitude is bad for the environment they are growing up in. Buy them something long lasting that encourages creativity, something that promotes “green behaviour” and something that parents will love you for! After all a gift that you can share with your children will help you to share in their happiness.

  • A kite that is simple yet fun and delightful, colourful and brought to life in the wind.
  • Miracle of life Live butterfly garden educational and fun

Just keep in mind the child in you when selecting your gift and your choice will not disappoint!
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