Love Kisses & Valentine Wishes

I have never been the biggest fan or believer in Valentine’s Day as a romantic occasion, but I like the idea of dedicating some time to thinking about the ones that are important to you.

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This year for the first time I plan to embrace it with all my heart.

I am going to be grateful for all the things that others do for me, appreciate the people who share my life every day and make my loved ones feel special. First I will bring myself into the right mood – I will buy some beautiful blooms for my desk, take a glass of red wine and spend an evening in my study to think about love, life and friendships.

My daughter loves to create her own Valentine’s cards for her friends at school but why should this only be something that children do? I plan to write notes to my best friends to make sure they know how special they are to me. Using poems or inspiring quotes, handwritten on beautiful cards will be a joyful activity.

Using Valentine’s Day as an occasion to invite friends over for a dinner party can be much more fun and bring much more happiness than sharing a table for two. Perhaps bringing your loved one breakfast in bed the day after Valentine’s with a post-it note… “Every day you are my Valentine.” could be a lovely surprise?

Maybe you want to make yourself or a loved one feel special with a heart shaped treat! Here are a few of my favourite…

Still not in the mood for Valentine’s? Maybe my Pinterest board will help you to find inspiration….

“Spread Love everywhere you go, let no one ever come to you, without leaving happier” Mother Theresa

Yours Giulia

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