What mothers want

Mothers give up a lot: their skinny jeans, a good night’s sleep, time alone, so make sure you give thanks to that selfless woman you call mum.

Celebration Gift ideas

My mother is amazing, a true role model to me and I look forward to showing her how much she means to me each year. As a mother now myself I now know how much Mothers Day means and how much we should be pampered and celebrated! What do mothers really want?​

Those of you with small children will know how precious peace and quiet can be.

The gift of time can cost nothing but mean so much! The ultimate gift for most young mothers is definitely some time to herself, whether this be a candlelit bath, a lie in or a trip out to a gallery. Luxurious Pyjama’s or a silk sleep mask so that every bit of sleep can be made the most of. Liberty have a fabulous selection to keep mum looking chic whilst eating breakfast in bed (hint hint!!).

Those of you with grown up children will know how precious quality time with your children is.

Remember the days when you heard the word Mum a 100 times during the day? Sharing a cuddle to say thank you or simply sharing your day might have become a rare commodity. Now you can finish a hot cup of coffee or go out to dance with friends and shake your booty. But maybe all you desire this Mothers day is to have your grown up children in the house, cooking for them and doing all the things you no longer get to do every day.

Here are some unique Mothers Day gift ideas from DIY to the ultimate luxury:

  • Membership to a family members club so you can spend some time together relaxing and having fun
  • A magazine subscription to allow some time to unwind each month
  • Make your mum her favourite meal, whether breakfast, lunch or dinner
  • A flower subscription so to spoil your mum throughout the year not just for one day. London based Freddie’s Flowers is a very lovely option.
  • A piece of unique jewellery would be something your mum could treasure as much as you treasure her. How about something elegant and contemporary that can be worn everyday? There are some beautiful designers out there like Otiumberg or Rachel Jackson.

Happy Mothers Day!


Yours Giulia

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