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My child recently started school and it wasn’t until then that I realised how appreciative I am and how much I respect the people who teach her. Therefore I believe every great teacher deserves a great present.

Children Gift ideas

My daughter now spends nearly as much time with her teachers than she does with me, and the influence they have over our children is immense. After dining in a restaurant you leave a tip, after staying in a hotel you write an online review to help promote their business, all different ways of giving thanks but things that we have become to expect. A gift to a teacher, although not expected, will not go unnoticed or unappreciated. Give them something that they’re sure to love and treasure for years to come…

My biggest tip to you is to find something unique that they will appreciate. Why not focus on their speciality subject and explore the options that may the interest them outside of their day to day in the classroom. Maybe your PE teacher does not get the time to go and watch sport, purchase tickets to a local football or rugby match in their hometown. Perhaps your English teacher spends all their time marking essays and has no time to read themselves. Treat her to a book token so that she can read something other than a classroom classic.

A priceless gift can often be more meaningful than something that has cost a lot of money and shows far more thought:

  • Task your child to create a storybook containing their own drawings
  • Find out what the teachers favourite cake or biscuits are and bake them. Find one easy recipe here.
  • Ask your child to write down their 3 favourite things about their teacher and put them in an envelope with a hand drawn picture of them on the front
  • Gift box with carefully curated selection of gifts, choose their favourite colour and buy only things that fit with this

And of course all teachers covet great stationery:

  • Every teacher needs pens and pencils so make them their very own papier mache pot to put them in
  • Choose a stylish notebook for them to write down the many daily tasks they have to remember
  • Select marker pens to help them make you aware of how well (or not) your child is doing

Chic Papersmiths  Girly Studio Sarah

Unusual pens The Fox and Star

Paper Stationery The Green Gables or Present & Correct

Something that will make the classroom a nicer place to be is always a great idea. A plant to brighten up their desk or a decorative cushion for their chair. Beautiful artificial flowers Maxifleur or Artificial Green

Teachers are often only shown appreciation once a year, why not get them a subscription that would last them a whole term, flowers that could be delivered to school or home so they could enjoy them and be reminded that they are special or a specialist magazine to give them time to themselves. See Unusual Subscriptions

Before the school bell rings for the last time over the Summer months, it would only be right to give your teachers a small token to say thank you for all their hard work over the year. Just remember to stay away from the tradition of giving an apple, I am sure no teacher would truly appreciate that!

Yours Giulia

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