World Book Day

This week is World Book Day, the perfect excuse to give someone a book. There are many reasons why books make a great present and this makes them versatile, fun, inspiring and hopefully a gift that can be treasured over time.

Celebration Gift ideas

Books can be beautifully bound with metallic lettering, they can come in sets with colours which complement each other sat side by side on a shelf. I have a relative with so many books they cover all four walls of one room. They add a unique decor to her home as well as providing a source of knowledge. This aspect of gifting a book can add a whole new reason to buy books for someone who may use them to add personality to their home.

The most inspiring type of book to give, I think, are children’s books, there are so many out there with beautiful words and illustrations. Not only do they give children the opportunity to learn something new they also give you the time to spend with your child. As a parent I have spent hour after hour reading book after book, sometimes the same one over and over again, this time is precious and something another parent will truly appreciate. Why not choose yours, or your child’s, favourite two books and give them to your best friends children as a way to share a great find, perhaps in return they will do this back resulting in a shared knowledge of great books available for children.

My top 3 are:

  • Giraffe’s Can’t Dance by Giles Andreae
  • The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn
  • How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers

Another lovely reason to give a book is the process of buying the book. There are many independent books shops out there which provide homely, stylish and creative, shopping experiences. Cosy up in a big armchair with a steaming cup of coffee and pick through a multitude of possible titles, this will make the experience ever so enjoyable for you too!

Maybe your friend is starting out in a new career, has shown an interest in a new hobby or is moving to a different part of the world, this could be the perfect opportunity to buy them a selection of interesting books on that topic so help them embrace something new.

A book can be a great gift for someone you don’t know that well or someone hard to buy for as there are so many titles, genres and styles available. This tool can help you choose a book!

If you are looking for that something special Lutyens & Rubinstein offer a wedding gift list for books, Goldsboro Books specialist in signed first editions, for the person who has everything and Claire de Rouen have beautiful and unique photography and fashion books for that super stylish fashionista in your life. For a collectors edition Thames & Hudson have an incredible selection whatever your budget or to simply read about the best new releases.

How about the ultimate never ending gift, a library membership card so your friends and family can have an endless supply of the best books on offer and it’s always great to support your local community too!

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Yours Giulia

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